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It is the making video of "Umbrella Tube Dun".
The wing is using the paper wing material Called" FLY WING U"

Next video is how to make a small dun #14 and #16 size.


This is the same as the original pattern at first time of me.
It has made from light and easy dry materials.
A body and a tail are small feathers.A wing is elk hair.
Umbrella hook were developed to make delicate dry flies.

Keep imagination! and Enjoy this novel fly!

Special Movie

Dear Kai and Norwegian fisherman.
"Hvordan har du det?"
Click the third photograph.
It is named "FishDispenser" using "Floss Ful"

This hook is 3x long in #12 size.
I use the thread which become contrast coller to Ful.
Tie on until a shank hides completely by fluoresencs red thread.
Ful is rolled spirally.
Finally I brush lightly with a wire brush.
If it does so, a fiber will become soft more finely.

Enjoy This novel fly!

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